October 4, 2017

Why Your Wellness Business Needs to Embrace Technology

Are you looking for a way to acquire more customers and grow your Wellness business? Take our suggestion, the best thing to do is to embrace Technology. This approach works for both individual professionals as well as those with established businesses. Technology has become an integral part of everyone’s personal and professional life. The more the reason to integrate it into your business and amplify your reach and engagement with consumers.   It stands to reason that if your Wellness business offers convenient technology options to your customers to do the simple things well then they will keep coming back for more. Your brand and the steps you take today to make customer interaction easier speaks volumes about how much you care for your customers.

The new generations interactions are built around click and swipe and like and share. Including instant communication and information on demand. Offering these folks a convenient user experience is now paramount.  That apart, your business needs a technology backbone to survive these days.  Your consumers have embraced digital in every facet of their life then why should you as a Wellness business stay behind.  We are here to tell you that you can acquire and engage with more consumers, improve your consumer satisfaction and increase loyalty with technology by doing some simple things.  Yes, you can!

Some of the must haves today:

When small businesses consider Technology, it can overwhelm sometimes. For larger businesses changing the status quo may be challenging. But in the continuously evolving digital landscape one has to keep on making small, subtle changes and move to things and technology that helps you keep in touch and allows your consumers to be in touch with your business.   Be ready to make simple changes  towards improving business.  If you haven’t already then check out these simple ways to embrace technology now:

  1. Go mobile: Convenience matters. When you can carry an always connected device with you which gives you information on demand, the question is, is your business information also be available on demand.  Whether your customers need pest control for their home how or a carpenter or a plumber, everyone is looking for information using their phones.  Even if you have a small Wellness business, you cannot miss out on the benefits of going mobile.  This means that if you have a website, it has to be functional even on mobile.  You want to focus on User experience even there. Staying away means you fail to capture that instant need for information or a connection to your business. If your customer can’t find you he’ll find your competitor for sure. Nothing can wait in this day of instant gratification.
  2. Mobile payments: Now a tap on the smartphone can bring your customers anything they need from anywhere in the world. Did you know?  a study said mobile users are prone to being big spenders as well.  Isn’t that reason for you to invest in a mobile technology that helps your customers make easy online bookings, purchases, and payments? Take a look at some wallet options that allow seamless payments from the phone online as well as offline in your stores.
  3. Go social: This is a no-brainer. This is where the world is at now. You absolutely have to engage with your customers on the popular social media platforms.  Encourage happy customers to post and share their experiences online. Online posts and shared from happy customers help you become more visible and bring more traction back to your Wellness business.
  4. Analyze data:  Where are the most orders coming from? Who is your target audience? Which is the most popular day in the week when the orders come in? These are just some of the simple things you can look at and analyze. This will help you target your offerings and messaging better – and ultimately help to grow your Wellness business and deliver a greater ROI on your marketing spends. How well do you maintain your customer records?

5 “Things to do” with Technology

The success of your Wellness Business  depends on many factors, your products and services for sure, but there are other values to consider too. This is where embracing Technology can help you get more exposure and encourage direct communications with your prospective customers and its rather simple today  Even if you don’t have the required bandwidth to sit and discus each technology detail you can easily increase your footfall by looking at and engaging with digital aggregator platforms already in existence.

  1. Offers & Promotions: Use social media and aggregator platforms to post your coupons and offers in real time and track progress with solid data.  You can analyze to see what works for you and then build on those ideas. A word of caution though. A discount strategy is a good driver of footfall in the short term and for a specific purpose. Perennial discounting and being present on discount brand platforms can dent your brand image. Be careful of when you discount and where you discount. Look for platforms that allow you to create and post your own offers. Wherever possible be direct with your consumers and don’t pay unnecessary commissions. At all costs avoid being tagged a discount brand.
  2. Real time communications:  Gone are the days when we had to email or even respond to emails one by one.  With technology,  you can automate your newsletters or that introductory email with offers to new subscribers. Customize offers for specific audience profiles and send them the offer in bulk – automation gives the scalability you need. If you don’t have the bandwidth to develop technology and integrate it, look for platforms which allow you to communicate with your customers in real time.
  3. Track ROI:  Turn to technology to track your spend, and the returns those spends generate. Have a real-time view of the ROI. Quickly kill those initiatives that are guzzling cash without returns and re-deploy your money better. Even if you have never calculated the cost of your social media presence or how much ROI it delivered, today it is possible to engage with platforms that guarantee incremental footfalls and ROI and independently work as your alternate customer acquisition channels.
  4. Online Appointments:  You want to give your customer the best User experience.  so in this day and age when everybody is so busy, providing online appointment booking and reminder facilities will make it easy for people to book, and improve the chances that they will turn up on schedule. Your online appointment scheduler works more efficiently and cost effectively than a full time receptionist plus being available for your customers 24×7.
  5. Always searchable: Technology helps you to stay connected. Your website removes all physical boundaries from connecting with your customers. With simple click searches, your wellness business can pop into their eye line more often – now isn’t that a good thing? Well yes, but only if done right. A single website presence is not enough today in terms of appearing on the front pages of search engines. A great strategy to follow is to have your business pages on multiple platforms. These platforms typically do a good job in terms of putting your business and services up-front on search pages, which your website probably will not be able to. Leverage this and listings are mostly free. This will save you a ton of money on SEO optimizations.

The technology genie is out of the bottle, and it’s granting wishes to the Wellness businesses that are bold enough to ask. It’s time for you to see how the magic of technology can transform your business too.

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