August 31, 2017

A Unique Wellness Platform

Through this post Sandeep Potharkar, Founder and CEO of Pepdeck, explains why Pepdeck is a one of its kind platform and how it adds meaning and value to every Beauty, Fitness, Health & Wellness Professional. Read on.

What is Pepdeck as a platform?

For the consumers, Pepdeck is a wellness discovery platform. It lists businesses, brands and professionals across 10 categories and helps consumers connect and engage with them.

On the other hand for the providers, which are the business, it is a one stop solution towards managing discovery and marketing online. It empowers them to configure and use the most basic and contemporary business tools that a business needs to stay relevant in the online / digital space. We help wellness businesses save time and money.

Can you share the idea behind Pepdeck? How do consumers benefit?

Well, lifestyle and stress related diseases are a reality today. We all know of people within our circles and network having or facing some issues on this front. This drove us to thinking how can we help? How do you make people discover options? Plus wellness is just not physical or external.

The second issue was life- stage based continuity of keeping up with doing something that was fruitful and healthy rather than completely stopping all activity as priorities changed.  We’ve all been to Gym’s at some stages of our life but are not keen anymore. We’d rather do something easy paced, less intense etc.

This lead us to exploring more and more categories and bringing them together, so that once you are on Pepdeck , that’s the only website you’ll need visit to discover and connect practitioners and experts ,whatever your age, gender or health and fitness preference. So essentially we cover the demographic right from the teens whose priority might be to be fashion and trends conscious to senior citizens who might be looking to do something fruitful with the time they have on hand. There are options for everyone.  It’s a family platform.

Thirdly we have covered categories which are based on self-diagnosis. So typically you could connect with, get advice and start off an activity based on your willingness and not a prescription per se.

In a nutshell our aim is to help consumers to discover and engage with staying active, healthy and beautiful through their life stages and to help them discover people and places that make this happen.

We also many traditional streams of medicine and healing like AYUSH, which we felt was not getting the attention it deserved. Many people also believe in the traditional approach to healing. These categories we felt were lagging in terms of marketing and in terms of getting discovered by the population at large, since their digital footprint was weak. Now with Pepdeck they can get mainstream in their efforts at Discovery, Functionality and Engagement online.

How does a business or wellness entrepreneur benefit from Pepdeck?

The answer to this question lies in the research that we did on this front. Taking Pune as a target market I, personally traveled and met up with many business owners and wellness practitioners. This lead us to a better understanding of what their actual concerns and requirements were. We did launch Pepdeck 1.0 in Pune as a beta and experimented with our learning. Very soon it was time though to get to the core of things and build a bigger and better V2.0

Pepdeck today has two interfaces. One that is visible to consumers and helps them engage with the businesses and the other which is used by the Businesses to showcase and promote their expertise.

Essentially whatever you see at the front end is controlled and managed by the business from the backend. It’s sign-up based, do it yourself platform which allows the business to:

  1. Business profile / Brand Page– No need for a website if you don’t have any yet. Just fill in the information and you’re ready to go. It’s simple, templated, has no competitor advertisement’s, gives all the information you’d typically give on your website, showcases all your business locations and moreover it’s free. Always up, always searchable and unlimited locations.
  2. Online Appointments –This feature, allows customers to book appointments online from the brands listing. You have the option to Approve, Reschedule, Book a future appointment for the same customer with all email and SM S communication integrated. Moreover this tool can also be used to capture data of all phone bookings as well as all walk-ins. It also acts as a powerful CRM tool for you and your staff to manage your customers better. Don’t lose any customer contact ever, or forget to follow up. The data is yours forever and the bookings are unlimited across your service locations.
  3. Offers & Promotions –Businesses can configure and build their offers and promotions sitting at their locations. The offer configuration engine is simple to use and helps businesses build multiple offer types from Happy Hours, to BOGO. What’s more we don’t charge any commissions on the offers, nor do we collect money on your behalf. Once you configure your offer its straight from the business to the consumer with no intermediary charges or levies. Once the customer buys the offer we’ll send you the customer details and a unique identifier code for the customer and the offer. Redeem at your locations and collect payment.
  4. Business Leads –Based on the customer behavior and clicks online we will send you every customer detail based on the customers consent as your business lead. This is exclusive. Your leads don’t get shared with the other’s neither is others shared with you. Contact the customer, covert him and grow your business.
  5. Reviews & Feedback –Positive feedback helps reinforce the brands image and good service and aids in getting more consumers. We deliver all customer feedback to you once posted. Review and publish this on your webpage through a single click. A negative feedback also serves as a reminder to correct service or perception. Contact such customers and retain them through service recovery.

As you can see it’s a single platform from where every wellness professional can manage his day to day routine better and smarter.

In a nutshell what are the business issues or inefficiencies being solved for with the feature sets above?

Right, as I said some of issues that came up in my meetings with the businesses were:

  1. Busy delivering on ground, no time for social or digital / online work.
  2. Multiple vendors, multiple technologies very confusing.
  3. Domain expiry, Web design, Integration issues issue with tracking and continuity.
  4. Why should I trust you with my Money for offers & collection?
  5. Never got paid for a previous offer. Cheated previously.
  6. Haggling over commissions and discounts month on month.
  7. Faking MRP’s, brand being called a discount brand etc..
  8. No time and expertise to invest in SEO neither do I understand it.
  9. Too complicated a system for my staff to manage. Who will train them?
  10. In case of franchised business, brand identity loss in online channels.
  11. No time to reengineer an existing overtly complex, website or process.
  12. Too expensive to operate your technology.
  13. Will you steal my data?
  14. Non transparent pricing, transaction based, or count based pricing.

Likewise many more, but let’s say these were the main ones.

Which sizes of businesses are you looking to target and why?

What’s good is that across the categories that we list and work with, all of the businesses are doing really well and are on the upswing. Established brands are expanding their networks on their own or through franchising. Those present within a city are reaching out to the new developed parts of the city. There are very few people or rather next to none who had negative sentiment.

To add to this a lot of individual, professionally trained resources within the industry are branching out and building or starting their own businesses. There is some great new brands being built.

So wherever you are in the curve of things, if you are an established brand with multicity presence of your own or a franchise based model, your need is how I can standardize my operations from a platform which helps consumers to view my brand in a particular way I envisaged when I built it. Or how do all locations adhere to the brand manual.  For a brand it’s expected that its offerings are standard across the network. Customers don’t care if it’s a franchisee location or a company owned location.

The larger you are the more the need to ensure you serve and track each of your customers closely and give them the same viewing, booking and service options through your network. You also play with a lot of data so having that in one place helps.  Pepdeck can work with a central authority based login for a large network or a completely individual store based authority and access.

For those who are starting off, building their brand and growing their customer base, Pepdeck lets them configure their entire business setup online in a matter of minutes. Thus leaving them with enough time to focus on their customers and delivering delight.  Plus you also get to use all the business tools without having to build them separately from scratch. In a few minutes all your features are at par with the bigger brands.

So doesn’t matter if you operate from a home setup, a small shop, in a swanky mall, or anywhere if you have the qualifications and need to build your business and customer base, we’ll work together.

How does one get started with using Pepdeck?

The first step is to identify if your business profile exists on Pepdeck. We have tried to cover as much as we can but there will be exceptions and a lag in the data in terms of what happens on the ground.

If your business listing exists, claim it and then proceed with whatever information you want updated on your business listing. If your business listing does not exist proceed with creating a listing where the platform will hand hold you to complete creating your brand and adding your locations.

Once your credentials have been validated and you have login access, you will then be able to work with your listing from Business Manager Console.

What support do you provide?

We will support all issues related to the platform via live chat as well as on call. However what needs to be noted here is that the entire build and operations are designed in such a way so that they are completely do it yourself. In essence the business manages everything from the back-end that a consumer sees or interacts with.

If you remember our research, ease of use was one of the primary things behind technology. Try it and you’ll see that most of your staff will start using it with no major issues.

For all businesses that are subscribed to the platform, we also offer a 15 day free use window while you browse the platform, use various features and figure out who is to operate and who needs access etc. We feel that’s a reasonable period for staff of any level to become acquainted with the features and tools and to expertly operate the platform.

So Pepdeck is not entirely free to use?

There is Free and there is also a fee. The platform will let you create and operate your business listing and your entire network and reviews for Free. Through the free plan you will benefit from our SEO, Better search ability, standardization and better discovery.

The next bundle you can opt for is the Offers and Appointments bundle. This comes to you at a cost lower than your average one customer’s billing for a day for a month’s validity.

Other packs like Leads, Advertising are optional and quantum based.  You can view all the details on our plans and pricing page as well as buy them online to be activated within 24 hours.

For businesses it’s a fully integrated suite with all hosting and communications built, in one place. One subscription allows businesses to de-clutter a lot of processes at their locations saving them money and allowing them to focus more on their customers instead of technology related things.  We add value by letting the businesses focus on their core competence while the technology we build and operate drives greater consumer discovery, interaction and profitability for the businesses.

Visit The Pepdeck Website for more information or give us a missed call on 8080590599to receive a call back. We’ll be most happy to have you on board and assist you in whatever way we can. Welcome and get on deck!!.

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