August 31, 2017

Smart Tools for Every Beauty, Fitness & Wellness Professional

Pepdeck is a unique and one of its kind platform for professionals like you. We empower you with the technology and tools, that better your business discovery and engagement with consumers. Spend more time with your customers while we simplify things for you and help you save time and money. In this post let’s look at how some platform features help you achieve this.

Solving routine business problems with Pepdeck – Solutions Explained

Feature: Business Profile on Pepdeck

Helps you:

  1. Avoid design, domain, website building and maintenance costs.
  2. Makes your business visible, searchable and interactive.
  3. Save costs on search engines (SEO)
  4. Maintain the same brand guidelines, look and feel across your own as well as franchise network.
  5. Set- up common features and business tools across your network.
  6. Advertise your business profile page via the page link. Your page is your page there are no competitor advertisements on your page.
  7. Add / edit /update your business profile information in a few clicks. You don’t need a website designer or coder to do the job for you.
  8. Your Business Page is always live and discoverable. All features for your business are live always.
  9. Get noticed by a larger audience across demographics.

Feature: Offers & Promotions on Pepdeck

Helps you:

  1. Zero commission to you. Earn more as well as save more.
  2. We don’t collect any money from your customers. Customers pay you at your location.
  3. Configure and set- up your own offers, at your time, across a range of offer options.
  4. No fake MRP and fake discounts. No middlemen no hidden transactions.
  5. Save commission costs and pass on more benefits to your consumers.
  6. Create and place offers based on Time, Days, and Locations.
  7. Complete offer analytics with customer data. Who bought, who redeemed, How many are pending, which offer worked best, which didn’t; you have all the data always available with you.
  8. Unlimited offer configuration- set up as many as you wish, whenever you wish.
  9. Activate, withdraw and limit the numbers, all in a matter of a few clicks.
  10. Integrate with appointments track and schedule better.

Feature: Appointments Scheduling on Pepdeck

Helps you:

  1. Book customer appointments online.
  2. Your business listing in Pepdeck will show an online booking option. Your existing website if any will have a booking plugin.
  3. Know your customers better with names and contact details.
  4. Rebook, reschedule, set future reminders, capture walk- in’s as well as all phone bookings.
  5. The appointment system works as your mini scheduler and CRM. Know the status of bookings from a central location, or a local outlet.
  6. Automated customer messaging as well as SMS updates for all booking updates.
  7. Retain all your customers’ data. Download when you need it.
  8. Unlimited bookings, no data restrictions and no customer based counts.
  9. Standardize across the network and monitor centrally or decentralize as you wish.

Feature: Business Leads on Pepdeck

Helps you:

  1. Get qualified business leads, delivered to your inbox.
  2. Exclusive leads based on customer consent.
  3. Your leads stay yours and are not transferred to others in the network.
  4. Call and convert through your staff. Increase business and customer loyalty.
  5. Multiple pack options.
  6. Unlimited time till the number of leads is exhausted.

Feature: Advertising on Pepdeck

Helps you:

  1. Your communication and promotion reach the intended targeted audience.
  2. Get a better ROI on your advertising spends.
  3. Feature on top of the search listings.
  4. Get your offers to be placed right up front.
  5. Multiple and customized options available.

Feature: Reviews on Pepdeck

Helps you:

  1. Get your fans to review your services online.
  2. Review customer reviews before they are posted.
  3. Engage with customers and generate loyalty.
  4. Quick service recovery in case of a negative feedback.
  5. Stay updated on the pulse of your business in real time.
  6. Make positive word of mouth work for you.

Feature: Single Point / Platform Operations on Pepdeck

Helps you:

  1. Save time, costs and effort of engaging with multiple platforms and technologies.
  2. All features available to you through a few clicks, on a single platform.
  3. Completely easy and simple to use. Do it yourself.
  4. Centralize or decentralize your operations with access based permissions.
  5. Retain the same feature sets and technology and tools across your network.
  6. Dashboard view for all updates and an always connected and updated database.
  7. Data belongs to you. Download any time you wish, times you wish.
  8. All features with Un-limited transactions, No data restrictions, or Count or Transaction based restrictions.
  9. Single login based access.
  10. No Installation required. Just connect to the internet and you’re ready to go.
  11. No Installation costs or one time fees.
  12. 15 day free trial when you subscribe first.

Save time, money and profit by using contemporary consumer discovery and engagement features on Pepdeck. Give your business the edge by helping consumers connect and interact with your business better and smarter. Visit The Pepdeck Website for more details or give us a missed call on 8080590599 to receive a call back.

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