August 31, 2017

Online Appointments – Why Your Business Needs Them.

Any tool that you offer consumers today, which lets them interact with your brand or business at a place and time of their liking really speaks volumes of you. It shows the consumers that you care for their business; you are willing to take steps to make them connect with you easy and simple and that you value their time.

As such having an online appointment booking facility is a great tool to offer your customers. What we are talking of here is not the typical message box system that your website designer designed for you. That’s fine but old school and does not offer you the functionality to properly track, update, reschedule and communicate with the customer in real time through SMS and Email. The days of waiting are gone. If a customer messages you he or she is looking for an instant response from you.

Typically your appointment engine should allow you dual functionality. One is, the ease of scheduling appointments and second is to also act as your CRM tool. Are you currently using any of these, or do you subscribe to any or all of the following reasons for not having one yet.

  1. We have a booking facility on our website.
  2. Our customers are not looking to book online.
  3. Most of our appointments are phone bookings
  4. Appointment software is complex to use and my staff doesn’t understand it.
  5. Installation and other recurring costs are prohibitive.

Again all the above is old school thinking or old facts. Let’s first look at why you as a business or practice should have an appointment booking software and then we will look at how we can solve the problem.

  1. Always available– Your appointment booking service is always available for your customers. Everybody has a busy schedule and one likes brands and businesses with whom they can communicate with at their convenience. 24X7, Show them you care.
  2. Additional Resource– You need to think of your appointment scheduler as an additional staff member available round the clock at hardly a fraction of the cost. It keeps working for you 24X7.
  3. Tech Friendly– Customers perceive your brand to be more adaptive and in tune with technology of the day. You get perceived as a customer friendly brand or business when you show your customer that you value their time and the convenience.
  4. Tracking and Monitoring– Your scheduler ensures that all your customer data rests in one place. Avoid registers, paperwork as well as data loss and storage issues.
  5. Social presence– You can link all your social pages as well as all your digital presence with the appointment tool. Whenever any customer visits your pages you don’t miss the opportunity of capturing intent or to take a booking.

Sounds convincing, read on to know how Pepdeck’s Appointment scheduler can help you better manage your customers and appointments.

  1. No Installation costs, unlimited appointments, unlimited data and messaging. You just need an internet connection.
  2. Automated customer communication through Email and SMS
  3. Automated reminders prior to appointment.
  4. View your appointments across your network or for a particular location, or store.
  5. Capture all customer footfalls, whether booked through phone, or walk-ins.
  6. Reschedule appointments in case of scheduling conflicts.
  7. Set future visit appointments, schedule recurring visit reminders for multiple sitting treatments.
  8. Intuitive and simple one click operations. Even your newest employee can manage it.
  9. Data remains yours. Edit, Update and Download as you wish.
  10. Campaign to customers directly by using contact information available.

Move on from box based and or expensive appointment schedulers. Say goodbye to registers and paperwork. Manage all the booking across your network or for a single location from your desk.  Getting started is a matter of minutes. It’s Simple, its smart and it’s sure to make customer management easier for you and your team. What does it cost? Well less than a single customers billing for a month. Try it out.

Visit The Pepdeck Website for more information or give us a missed call on 8080590599to receive a call back.

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